Important Safety & Product Information

Read these instructions.Keep these instructions.Heed all warnings.Follow all instructions.Do not attempt to open notches. Substances contained in this product and/or its battery may damage the environment and/or human health if handled and/or disposed of improperly.Do not tamper with your notches. • Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean your notches. • Do not place your notches in a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer. • Do not expose your notches to extremely high or low temperatures.Do not use your notches in a sauna or steam room. • *Do not leave your notches in direct sunlight for an extended period.Do not leave your notches near open flames. • *Do not dispose of your notches in a fire. The battery could explode.Do not attempt to disassemble your notches; it does not contain serviceable components.Never allow children to play with the notches; the small components may be a choking hazard!

Battery Life

The battery in notches can last up to 6 hours in active mode, alternating between recording and downloading data. Notch will notify you of low battery life with a blinking red LED.

Charging Notches

To charge your notches, place them into the dock so that the charging pins on the bottom of the notch are touching the dock’s charging pins. Plug the dock into a USB, and your notches will be fully charged in 60 minutes.

Motion Capture Charger

Notches can be charged only with the Notch dock. An external 5V USB power supply connected to the dock must provide over 0.5A current per plugged in dock to avoid damaging notches or dock. Note that a computer will charge your devices slower. Do not plug multiple docks (6+ sensors) into your computer simultaneously. CAUTION: USB ports in some computers may not meet the charging requirements; for best results, use an external 5V USB power supply. Important! Do not use anything other than the dock to charge notches.

Magnetic Objects

Do not put Notches or the dock close to magnets. Magnets will cause permanent damage to the notches and dock. Storing notches and dock next to equipment that contains real earth magnets such as speakers, tablets, computers and the like will also cause permanent damage to the device. Important! Damage from magnetic interference will void the warranty.

Water Resistance

Notches are water resistant (IP67) to the extent of being splash and sweat-proof. You can even go swimming in the pool with them. However, submerging notches below one meter will result in permanent damage. Important! Do not put notches or dock in the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or any similar machine. Do not dive with notches below one meter. Do not swim with notches in salt water. Damage from washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and the like as well as damage from submersion below one meter will void the warranty.


Device operating temperature range: 0-40°C Device non-operating temperature range: -20°C - 65°C Device storage, long term (over 1 week): 15-25°C, 80% charged state Important! Do not expose your notches to extremely high or low temperatures. Do not use your notches in a sauna or steam room. Do not leave your notches in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. • Do not leave your notches near open flames.

Handle & Care

You can wash Notch straps with soapy water. To wash your notches, please follow these instructions: Rinse off notches in tap water after heavy sweating or after a swimming session. Pay special attention to rinsing the connector. Do not drop the device from above one meter. • Do not attempt to disassemble your notches or dock; they do not contain serviceable components. • Do not tamper with your notches or dock. • Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean your notches or dock.

Child & Pet Safety

Notch kit contains small parts which can be a choking hazard. Do not give notched to kids under three years of age or pets, as small components may be a choking hazard!

Lost & damaged items

We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. We encourage you to report any loss or damage in your Notch App / My Notches.

Disposal & Recycling

Do not dispose of notches or dock with household waste. Batteries are not to be disposed of in municipal waste stream; they require separate collection. Disposal of the packaging and your notches should be done by local regulations • Do not expose notches or dock to a fire. The batteries inside the notches can explode.

Return policy and warranty

Visit for further information.

Regulatory & Safety Notices

Model number: Notch Device 1st generation: NSBL1 Notch Device 2nd generation: NSBL2

NSBL2 Notch devices are certified for CE, FCC, and MIC.

Safety statement

This equipment has been tested to comply with safety certification in accordance by the specifications of EN Standard: EN60950-1:2006 + A12: 2011.