Notch 3D Avatar

The Notch 3D Avatars are a set of 3D objects “limbs” with .obj extension, and are part of the Notch Visualizer. We have 3 models available: generic, a female, and a male.

Avatar construction

Notch 3D avatar consists of 20 limbs:

Notch Avatar
Notch Avatar

Note All left body parts are available as of right ones.
The limbs are independent 3D objects, with .obj extension and .mtl material file.

3D avatar <-> skeleton.js

When the notch visualizer builds the 3D environment and prepares for the animation, it looks for both the skeleton.js and the 3D Avatar objects. The following properties need to match:

  • Naming. The bones defined in skeleton.js needs to match the 3D object names.
  • Dimensions. Both the skeleton.js and 3D avatar is modeled after a generic fit, 1.7m tall human being. The 3D body parts length needs to match the length of skeleton bones, this will ensure and joint motion will be executed around the right location.
  • Location. The skeleton.js is a hierarchical structure of bones, while the 3D objects are placed in a global space. The 2 coordinate-system needs to match: the 3D obj needs to start in the 3D space, where the skeleton.js bone chain refers to.
  • Not all skeleton.js bones are represented as a 3D object, for example, the RightCollar is used for an unbodied, translational linkage between the Chest and RightUpperArm.
  • In the Notch Pioneer App for Android, you can create and manage users with different height, which will scale both the skeleton and the 3D avatar.

Available Models

  • robotic Notch model
  • female (Android Only)
  • male (Android Only)

Make your own Avatar

Good to know You can import and use your own skeleton and avatar in the Notch Visualizer. Notch Pioneer App has a built-in skeleton creator.

Notch Skeleton