Powered by Notch is the partnership program for companies who are interested in bringing to market new motion analysis products based on Notch technology.

Powered By Notch (PxN) is the combination of tools, licenses, documents, technical support, and logos that enables the creation, support, and distribution of software, devices, and accessories that interact with products by Notch Interfaces Inc.

“Powered by Notch” logo on a product package or website means that the product incorporates Notch devices or software into its final design and complies with our certification and quality assurance standards.

Powered by Notch
Powered by Notch logo

Creators of PxN products used their expertise in healthcare, wellness, or sports to amplify the value, delivered by Notch technology and convert the result into a viable, user-friendly product. Work with PxN partners often starts in the pre-product phase and goes on until the product enters the market. Such products receive support in areas from software to industrial design, to manufacturing to marketing.

Powered by Notch is our framework for supporting fellow entrepreneurs and innovators from different countries, markets, and companies of all sizes. Together with our PxN partners, we have deployed thousands of notches are expecting more PxN products to enter the market shortly.

If you are considering creating a motion analysis application, reach out to us at poweredby(at) We are always thrilled to hear from people interested in bringing new motion analysis products to life.

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