Cloud API

Overview of the Notch Cloud API that you must use if you develop your own application.

Licensing API

We provide APIs for our platform sdk and your application.

To record any measurement with a Notch sensor, a license key must be exchanged between the mobile app and the sensors, during a process called activation. This activation process is implemented in the platform SDK and requires Internet connection.

Expected workflow

Each user of your application must have a unique license id. The Notch sensor starts a measurement if and only if a license key was exchanged between the mobile application and the sensors (activation).

  1. When a user starts using your application, the Notch SDK expects a license key.
  2. You’re expected to build a backend for your application and keep track of your users and their license keys there.
  3. So as the SDK initializes, connect to your backend to get a license key for your user.
  4. In case the user has no license key yet, your backend should connect to Wearnotch license endpoint to obtain one.
    • To identify your user, use any string unique to your user, like her e-mail address.
    • Some charges might apply, contact sales for more details.
  5. Your backend should return with the license key, so the SDK initialization can be continued.
  6. The Notch SDK caches the license key, so you must do this step only once.

Template Applications