Motion Capture Settings

Real-time Capture

Real-time capture simultaneously shows your movements in the Visualizer while you are doing them. It requires constant BLE connection with the app without interference.

Good to know The maximum amount of sensors that Notch Pioneer supports for the real-time mode is 4 (iOS) and 6 (Android). Your recordings will be saved to the Library.

Kinematic Match

Android only, Extended License

Kinematic match allows you to compare the “kinematic-match” of real-time motion to a previously recorded one.

Non-real-time Capture

During the non-real-time capture mode, data transfer happens upon completion of the recording. You can use up to 18 sensors (depending on the smartphone) for the non-real-time mode.

The measurement will start playing once it has been downloaded, otherwise, you will see a popup indicating that you should download this measurement. Please make sure all the notches that you have used to make the recording are on and charged.

Automatic downloading

The default setting for capturing is auto-download. Once the recording is complete, notches will start transferring the information one by one. The notch that is currently transferring the data will be blinking blue light.

Download later

If you disabled the automatic download feature at the end of the capture (or a failure happened while downloading the data) you can go to the Library tab in the Pioneer App and download the measurement.

This feature can be handy when you do several captures at the same time, and you want to obtain the data later. In this case we recommend you watching the very first recording and make sure it looks good.

Prepare for Motion Capture
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