Customize the 3D Avatar & Steady

Note: These features are only available for the Pioneer: Android version.

  • Skeletons define the bone structure and hierarchy of a biomechanical model. For example, a custom skeleton would be a dog skeleton, shoulder skeleton.
  • Users are unique instances of the given skeleton.
  • Avatars are the 3D models that are built on the skeleton. (e.g.: female, male, and android)

Skeleton Settings

This feature can be found in the Pioneer Android App’s Profile section, under Measurement. You can also create your skeleton by importing in as a custom BVH.

User’s Avatar Settings

You can adjust the dimensions of the user’s Avatar dimensions under the Avatar Settings menu point.

User settings
User settings

Adjusting the skeleton dimensions will improve the 3D visualization, the acceleration data, and the bone path.
The precision of the angular data does not depend on the data skeletal user settings.

Extended license allows you to keep track of multiple users at the same time.

Custom Steady Builder

Extended License Only

Custom Steady allows you to define the Avatar’s steady posture. The in-app editor allows rotating each limbs of the skeleton. For example, you can define a sitting steady, and the user’s steady will be matched to the sitting pose.

Custom Steady
Custom Steady

Once you created your own steady pose, you will be able to select it as an option in the Capture Settings.

Channel Configurations
Notch Tune-Up