Getting Started

Every Notch kit comes with access to mobile Notch Pioneer apps for Android and iOS. The Notch Pioneer app lets you to 3D motion capture your body movement, anywhere, anytime. The app also allows you to monitor parameters of Notch modules, such as memory, battery level, and channel as well as pair devices to a particular user account, change channels, perform motion capture recordings, export and share results of motion capture recordings.

Download the Notch Pioneer App

Download the Notch Pioneer App from the App Store or Google Play.

Requirements: Android phone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.1 running Android OS no earlier than version 5.1 or iOS no earlier than version 10.

Create your Account

Create your Notch account by signing up for the Notch Pioneer App or log in to an existing account.

Set up your Notches

Turn on your notches

Each notch has a physical button that can perform multiple functions. The button can turn the notch on and off, initiate recording or be used with the firmware update feature.

Turn On Your Notch
Turn On Your Notch

Take one of your notches and lightly press on its top – or squeeze it with two fingers until you feel a soft “click.” The LED of the notch will blink white. It’s on!

To turn off the notch, long-press the button.

Important! Do not use extra force when pressing the notch’s button. In case a device does not turn on, place it back to the charger and wait for it to charge.

Pairing notches

Pairing grants a license to your notch devices for use with the dedicated application.

Every Notch module needs to be paired to a smartphone before use. You only need to pair your notches once per application, unless you use several Notch applications at the same time. Pairing Notches required Internet connection.

Pairing notches is easy:

  1. Turn on one of your notches
  2. Go to My Notches section in the App and tap the “Pair” button
  3. Wait for a notification from the app that pairing is complete
  4. Turn off the paired notch device
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each of your notches.

There is no limit for the number of paired devices, however, there is a technical limit to how many devices you can connect and use simultaneously. The recommended stable maximum is 18 notches.

If you have trouble pairing the notches, make sure only one notch is turned on while pairing. Depending on the network connection and specifics of the particular smartphone it may take several attempts to pair a notch. If you encounter any errors during the pairing process try resetting the Bluetooth and wifi (turn on/off) of your smartphone/tablet.

Prepare for Motion Capture