Extended License

Extended License is the set of features that allows access to advanced features of Notch SDK, adds extra functionality of Notch Companion App and upgrades the performance of Notch Cloud. Access to Notch Pro is by subscription; $49 / year.

Activate your Extended Licenses in your Dashboard.

Extended Feature iOS Android
Export of the synchronized, unfiltered data from
notches’ onboard accelerometer and gyroscope
Available Available
Tagging and filtering options in the app’s Library Available Available
Access to more than 7 days worth of recordings Available Available
Multiple user profiles in the app Coming Soon Available
Various 3d models (male, female, neutral) Coming Soon Available
Import of custom skeletons for in-app recordings Coming Soon Available
Custom Steady pose Coming Soon Available
Customizable Avatar dimensions length Coming Soon Available

Web Library
Importing Custom Skeleton (BVH)